Code refactoring with pointfree style demoed via updateMap

I answered a question on Stack Overflow that I thought might be worth sharing here so that others might get an idea of how to refactor code into point-free style.

Original link:

Update map in Haskell

Their question:

I wrote a function that inserts or updates a Map key value depending on whether the key is already in the map. If it is, then the value gets added to the already existing map’s value.


My answer:


Notice the use of Map.insert

Notice that you are mapping (+) over the possibility of having or not having a value

Notice that Data.Map has a function for applying functions to values, called Data.Map.insertWith. It’s extremely common for collections to have a helper function for “insert data with a helper function / default value”

Notice the shared structure of the types of your function and insertWith

Realize that applying (+) to insertWith will make the types identical

Validate assumptions with specific examples, more rigor is available with the use of QuickCheck.

This is a practically golden opportunity to demonstrate how eta reduction can simplify code and kill off redundant logic.

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