I'm a software business consultant and avid Haskell hacker

I love building, working on, and marketing software products. Occasionally I post to my blog or announce a project. I teach & learn Haskell as well as work on Haskell libraries & infrastructure.

You might want to work with me if

You're building or maintaining an internal software stack, consumer product, or software-as-a-service product.

You'd like to know how best to scale your infrastructure or development process.

You want to introduce lean product development or iterative software development to your team.

You just want something built or maintained by somebody who loves hacking.

You need somebody with algorithms, product, commodity search, and API services experience.

You're toiling away on your startup and need a friend.

Things I've been called


Software Engineer

Staff Engineer

CTO (Nutrition product startup)

Guy with the bear avatar

Technologies I've used in anger

HAProxy, Apache, Nginx

MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server

Redis, MongoDB, CouchDB, Hadoop


I've been known to use git as a content-store.