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Notes on Luca Palmieri's Zero to Production in Rust

Posted: 2022-06-25

I bought Luca Palmieri's book on the recommendation of a colleague and wanted to share my own thoughts on it as a production Rust user. I offer my thoughts as I go through the book linearly. I intentionally don't go out of my way to contextualize my commentary as this is not intended to be a substitute for Luca's excellent book. Also, it saves me time writing this blog post.

Why I converted

Posted: 2021-05-14

I was received into the Catholic Church on the Easter Vigil of 2019.

Why I use and prefer GitLab CI

Posted: 2019-10-10

In the past, I talked about how to make your CI builds faster using Drone CI. I don't use DroneCI any more and haven't for a couple years now so I wanted to talk about what I use now.

Abusing instance local functional dependencies for nicer number literals

Posted: 2019-06-24

I demonstrated how to make kilobyte/megabyte constants in Haskell and a Lobsters user asked how it worked. This is a bloggification of my reply to them explaining the trick.

Wrapping up Haskell Book

Posted: 2018-10-03

I'd like to summarize some of the background to Haskell Programming from First Principles' development and finalization.