How to resolve 'Could not find module XMonad.Actions.Volume'

Posted: 2012-03-01

You need to install xmonad-extras from Hackage as the volume control functions are not included by default in any standard XMonad install. Below is the script for getting it installed.

Getting w3m to work with Emacs 23 in Ubuntu 11.10

Posted: 2012-02-01

I encountered some issues getting Emacs 23 working on Ubuntu 11.10 and I wanted to chronicle my travails in case someone else bumped into this. I tripped into this error after installing w3m-el-snapshot.

Why the poor are poor

Posted: 2012-01-01

Analysts and economists like to fixate on two metrics for personal finance, income and net worth. They are in some sense a measurement of slope, and of the volume under the curve minus spending and debt. I don't think either are a meaningful gauge for really understanding why the poor are frequently stuck being poor.