Speeding up the automated building and testing of our Haskell projects

Posted: 2016-03-28

I'm a big fan of using build servers to continually build and test the code I'm working on. I'm also a bit of a latency nut, so I like our builds to be responsive. To that end, I migrating our company away from CircleCI and yielded a 10x improvement to build times for my trouble.

Haskell is not trivial, but it's not unfair like Dark Souls either

Posted: 2016-02-06

Someone wrote a blog post where they have trouble querying a web API in Haskell code. I walk through some examples for how to do so with increasing sophistication building up to some simple uses of lens and lens-aeson.

Either and (,) in Haskell are not arbitrary

Posted: 2015-10-19

Programmers don't understand that it doesn't matter what the default target is for a type like Either as long as there is one and it never changes. I go into some detail and justification of a programming language design that makes decisions like this inherent to the structure of the type rather than author's (arbitrary and harmful) preference. The Left and Right of Either do not mean anything in and of themselves.

Why we don't chuck our readers into web apps

Posted: 2015-08-23

Haskell programmers that often forget how hard it was to learn and use Haskell. They also forget that without the benefit of a code example that does precisely what one wants, it can be nearly impossible for someone to make forward progress unless they have a solid foundation in the language itself. We justify how this reality influences the way we write the Haskell Programming from first principles book.

Building a Haskell game

Posted: 2015-04-26

Sometimes building a package with dependencies on OpenGL can be a little confusing for people new to Haskell. I will use a simple game on Hackage as an exercise for demonstrating how you might do this on Ubuntu. Note: this was written before Stack was a thing.

Functional Education

Posted: 2014-12-31

I often get asked why I do or do not recommend a particular resource for learning Haskell. To save some time and to record more detail than I'll remember off the top of my head, I've written a round-up of the issues with various resources and books people use to learn Haskell.

Why are types useful?

Posted: 2014-12-03

This is a simple follow-along with a Python tutorial, with my version in Haskell and a running commentary. I wrote this partly to hint at why one might want a statically typed language regardless of how one thinks prototyping is best done. It was also partly cathartic.

A URL shortener made literate

Posted: 2014-11-22

This is a quasi-literate version of the very simple URL shortener I wrote in Haskell with Scotty.

Code refactoring with pointfree style demoed via updateMap

Posted: 2014-11-19

I answered a question on Stack Overflow that I thought might be worth sharing here so that others might get an idea of how to refactor code into point-free style.

How I Start: Haskell

Posted: 2014-11-18

I wrote an article for howistart. I've since updated it to use Stack as well.